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Looking to develop a kit to complement your school's curriculum? We can assemble, label and individually package kits according to your specific needs. Housed within our 88,000 sq. foot facility are tens of thousands electronic parts, components, and hardware to be packaged for your classroom.

We carry a wide selection of tools, test leads, probes, resistors, capacitors, semi-conductors, and much more!

If you want to design or have designed a kit for your electronics class, let us help you bring your idea to fruition! Individually Packaged ...Ready to Issue to Your Students

Custom Packaging; Wide Selection of Quality, Brand Name Tools; Numerous Options Including Resistors, Capacitors, Semi-Conductors, Wire Tools, Test Leads, Probes, Test Equipment and Much More! (We also have a large selection of ready-made educational electronics kits)

If you have designed a kit for your electronics class, let us help you put it together!

Compare our quote to the price of your current custom kit.

If you would like more information about kits customized to fit your classroom needs, please fill out the form below.

More Kits Coming Soon!

Name Part No. Price Description
RSR Basic Electronics Kit 3200BEK-WWW $5.95 each
(Quantity Pricing Available)
Commonly used components for
beginning electronics students
RSR Custom Test Lead Kit 3200TLK-WWW $22.95 each
(Quantity Pricing Available)
Perfect lab companion for beginning and advanced students.

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