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RSR Digital Multimeter- Autoranging w/ Resettable Fuse

RSR Digital Multimeter- Autoranging w/ Resettable Fuse

Electronix Express V79 Auto Ranging True RMS Digital Multimeter


The V79 is a True RMS professional fully featured digital multimeter as well as a thermometer. This is an auto raging meter that will give reading when you plug it in at any times. This is a 3 3/4 digits meter that reads 3999, this gives you much higher accuracy than a meter with a reading at 1999 only. The back light on the LCD gives you convenience in a dark, and auto power off saves the battery in a long run. It comes with a pair of test leads and a set of thermocouples, it works on a 9 V battery, a test battery is included.You can use it to measure AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency and temperature both in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Key Features

  • DCV: 0-400m-4-40-400-(±0.5%)-1kV(±1.0%)

  • ACV: 0--400mV(±1.5%)-4-40-400V(±0.8%)-750V(±1.5%)

  • DCA: 0-400uA-4000uA-40m(±1.2%)-10A(±2.0%)

  • ACA(True RMS): 0-400uA-4000uA-40mA-400mA(±1.5%)-10A(±2.0%)

  • Resistance: 0-400-4k-40k-400k-4M(±0.8%)-40M(±1.2%)ohm

  • CAP: 0-20nF-100nF-10uF-100uF(±3.5%)1mF/10mF/100mF (±5.0%)

  • Frequency: 0-100Hz-1000Hz-10KHz-1MHz-30MHz(±0.5%)

  • Temperature: C: -40 °C - 1000 °C

  • Transistor and Diode test Audible continuity:< 70 ohm

  • True RMS 3 /34 Digits High Accuracy Multimeter with Capacitance and Frequency and Tempterature

  • Back Light for Use in Dark, With a pair of High Quality Test Leads. It checks Transistor hFE

  • Temperature Measurement with F or C with a pair of Probe Included

  • Data Hold and Relative Measurement, Auto Power Off for Power Saving

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