Global Specialties Solderless Breadboard

Global Specialties Solderless Breadboard

GS-170K2: Mini Breadboard Classroom Kit, 372 Pcs

The GS-170 Mini Breadboard Classroom Kit is the ideal starter kit for prototyping small projects in the classroom. Included are 24 mini breadboards (3 GS-170-A kits), 300 pre-cut #24 gauge insulated stranded wire (3 WK-6 kits), 18 male to alligator clip, 18 male to IC clip, and 12 male to 9 V battery snap jumper wires. All wires come with gold-plated brass pressed pins for extended insertion life and maximum surface contact. The GS-170 Mini Breadboard Classroom Kit comes with both UL and RoHS.

This kit contains:

  • (3 of each color breadboard) black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and transparent
  • (60 pc) 150 mm purple M-M
  • (30 pc) 150 mm white M-F
  • (60 pc) 100 mm orange M-M
  • (90 pc) 70 mm green M-M
  • (60 pc) 50 mm yellow M-M
  • (18 pc) 150 mm multi-color M-Alligator clip
  • (9 pc) 200 mm black M-IC clip
  • (9 pc) 200 mm red M-IC clip
  • (12 pc) 9 V battery snap
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