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RSR Basic Prototyping Parts Kit II

RSR Basic Prototyping Parts Kit II

Capacitor Kit

Capacitor Kit

RSR Basic Prototyping Parts Kit

•Portable Plastic Parts Container

10-1/2 x 6-1/2 x 1-1/2; flexible division polypropylene

•Resistors: 1/4W - 5 each

10 ohm, 100 ohm, 470 ohm, 1K, 2.2K, 4.7K, 10K, 27K, 47K, 100K, 220K, 330K, 470K, 1M

•Capacitors: 50V Radial Electrolytics - 2 each

1uf, 4.7uf, 10uf, 47uf, 100uf, 470uf, 1000uf

•Capacitors: 100V Radial DIP Mylar - 2 each

.001uf, .0047uf, .01uf, .047uf, .1uf, .33uf

•Capacitors: 500V Ceramic Discs - 3 each

2.2pf, 4.7pf, 10pf, 15pf, 22pf, 47pf, 100pf, 220pf, 470pf, 680pf

•Inductors: 1 each

4.7uh, 10uh, 47uh, 100uh, 470uh, 1mh, 10mh, 33mh

•Trimpots: Single Turn Cermet - 1 each

500 ohm, 1K, 5K, 50K, 100K, 500K, 1M

•Switches: 2 each

SPDT Toggle; N.O. Pushbutton; SPDT slide, 8-Position DIP

•Leds: Standard T 1-3/4 size - 10 each

Red, Green, Yellow

•Displays: 2 each

7-Segment Common Cathode; 7-Segment Common Anode

•Integrated Circuits: 2 each

7805, 7812 Regulators, LM386 Audio Amp, 555 Timer, 741 Op Amp, 74LS00, 74LS02, 74LS08, 74LS10, 74LS47, 74LS74, 74LS86, CD4013, CD4017

•Transistors: 2 each

PN2222, PN2907, 2N3055, 2N3904, 2N3906, 2N5457

•Diodes: 2 each

1N4148, 1N4001, 1N34, 1N4728, 1N4733, 1N4739, 1N4743, 1N4747

•IC Sockets: Low Profile - 2 each

8-pin, 14-pin, 16-pin, 24-pin, 40-pin


25' 22AWG Hook-Up Wire, Alligator Lead Sets (Red and Black), 5V DIP Relay, Photo Cell, Electret Mike, Binding Posts (Red and Black), Tip Jacks (Red and Black), Heat Sinks (TO-5 and TO-18), 1.5 Amp 100V bridge, 4 Amp 200V SCR

•Large Storage Cabinet: (Additional Option)

Parts Storage Cabinet, 11-1/4" x 12" x 6" - 30 drawers

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