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Deluxe Digital / Analog Trainer


Express Part #:01XK700



Price: $210.00

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Elenco’s advanced designed Digital/Analog Trainer is specially designed for school projects. It is built on a single PC board for maximum reliability. It includes 5 built-in power supplies, a function generator with continuously variable sine, triangular and square waveforms. All power supplies are regulated and protected against shorts. The trainer is mounted in a professional technician tool case made of reinforced metal with heavy-duty handles and locks. The removable, dual-sided tool pallet has many pockets and elastic retainers to hold a broad line of tools and devices. A special ramp in the case will hold the meter of your choice(not included).


•Fully assembled and tested •Tools and Meter not included. Order XK700T for tools.


Power Supplies:

•Variable Power Supply

• 0V to 20VDC @ 0.5A

• (0V to 15VDC @ 1A)

• 0V to –20VDC @ 0.5A

•(0V to –15VDC @ 1A)

•+12VDC @ 1A

• –12VDC @ 1A

•+5VDC @ 1A

•+30VAC center-tapped to 15VAC @ 1A


•2 undedicated potentiometers 1kΩ & 100kΩ.


•2 bredboards, each containing 830 tie points (total 1,660).

Analog Section:

•Function Generator - Sine, Triangular, Square Wave.

•Frequency adjustable in five ranges from 1 to 100kHz.

•Fine frequency adjust.

•Amplitude adjust.

•DC offset

Digital Section:

•Eight data switches.

•Two no bounce logic switches.

•Eight LED readouts, buffered.

•Clock amplitude 5Vpp square wave.
Fast Track Construction:

Most of the components are on one PC board, eliminating all wires between the PC board, pots, regulators and switches. Makes assembly easier and faster, eliminates errors.

California Prop 65


This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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