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Fume Absorber

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  1. Xytronic Fume Extractor and Solder Station Combo
    ITEM CODE: 0603456DLX
  2. Replacement Carbon - HEPA filter For Xytronic Fume Extractor Model HV2E
    ITEM CODE: 060376A33001
  3. Weller Fume Absorber Model WSA350
    ITEM CODE: 0603WSA350
  4. Activated Carbon Replacement Filter 3-pack for Weller Model WSA350
    ITEM CODE: 0603WSA350F
  5. Xytronic Model HV2E Dual Fume Extractor
  6. Xytronic Fume Extractor Model 426DLX
    ITEM CODE: 0608426DLX
  7. Articulating Arm Mounting Kit
    ITEM CODE: 060863
  8. Replacement Filters (3 PK)
    ITEM CODE: 0608797201
  9. Xytronic Fume Extractor Attachment
    ITEM CODE: 0608XYFX1
  10. Smoke Fume Absorber Table Top Model
    ITEM CODE: 0608ZD153
  11. Smoke Fume Absorber Table Clamp Model
  12. Replacement Carbon Filters for Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor / Xytronix 456DLX Fume Absorber (3 per pack)
    ITEM CODE: 06763313010
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12 Items

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