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Frequency Counters

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  1. BK Precision 200MHz Frequency Counter Model # 1803
    ITEM CODE: 01BK1803
  2. RSR 150 Mhz Frequency Counter 0.01 Mhz Resolution Model FC 7015
    ITEM CODE: 01FC150
  3. BK Precision 2.4Ghz Universal Counter with Ratio Function Model 1823
    ITEM CODE: 01FC1823
  4. BK Precision 3.5 GHz Frequency Counter Model 1856D
    ITEM CODE: 01FC1856
  5. RSR 2.5 GHz Frequency Counter Model FC-2500
    ITEM CODE: 01FC2500
  6. RSR 2.7 GHz Bench Frequency Counter Model FC-2700
    ITEM CODE: 01FC2700
  7. Instek 120Mhz Bench Frequency Counter
    ITEM CODE: 01FC8010
  8. Instek 1.3GHz Frequency Counter Bench
    ITEM CODE: 01FC8131
  9. Uniteq 0.10Hz-1.5GHz Programmable Universal Counter Model FC8150U
    ITEM CODE: 01FC8150U
  10. Instek 2.7GHz Frequency Counter
    ITEM CODE: 01FC8270
  11. Uniteq Frequency Counter 3.7 GHz Model FC-8300
    ITEM CODE: 01FC8300
  12. RSR Frequency Counter 1.3 GHz 8 Digit LED Display Model MS6100
    ITEM CODE: 01FCMS6100
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