chipKIT WF32: WiFi Enabled Microntroller Board with Uno R3 Headers

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This item adds the performance of the Microchip® PIC32 microcontroller. The WF32 is the first board from Digilent to have a WiFi MRF24 and SD card on the board both with dedicated signals. The WF32 board takes advantage of the powerful PIC32MX695F512L microcontroller, which features a 32-bit MIPS processor core running at 80 MHz, 512K of flash program memory, and 128K of SRAM data memory.

The WF32 can be programmed using the Multi-Platform Integrated Development Environment (MPIDE). It contains everything needed to start developing embedded applications. The WF32 features a USB serial port interface for connection to the MPIDE and can be powered via USB or by an external power supply.


  • PIC32MX695F512L
  • 512 KB Flash
  • 128 KB RAM
  • 80 MHz operating speed
  • Four SPI and five I2C connectors
  • 16 channel 10-bit ADC, five compare/PWM outputs
  • 43 available I/O pins
  • 3.3 V operating voltage