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Global Specialties 2001A Analog Function Generator, 0.2Hz to 200 kHz Frequency

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The 2001A's exceptional combination of feature and capabilities make it perfect for applications such as audio testing, scope sweep drive, measuring filter response curves, amplifier rolloffs and transmission characteristics. Additional uses are found in trouble-shooting communications, telephone systems, speech processing, D/A and A/D systems, designing analog/ digital/ control circuitry, and servicing recorders, video games, and video cassette recorders. It is also particularly suitable for applications in electrical labs used in educational institutions.
  • Sine, square, triangle plus TTL output
  • Less than 1% Sinewave Distortion
  • 0.2Hz - 200kHz
  • Variable DC Offset
  • Sweepable 100:1 with ±10 volts input
  • 1mV-10V Level Output
  • Two separate outputs- one variable, one fixed TTL level
  • Use TTL output to synchronize oscilloscopes, digital circuits and other instruments
  • Variable output provides 1mV-10V p-p into open circuit
  • 600 ohm impedance and short circuit protection
  • Continuously variable frequency from 0.2 Hz to 200kHz, with 10:1 calibrated Vernier & six decade ranges
  • Sweep frequency over 100:1 range with external 0 to ±10V signal