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1350: Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply: 0-32V, 0-3A (2) & 5V, 3A

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The 1350 features programmable control via USB interface and microprocessor controlled circuits. The voltage and current are controlled by a 12-bit D/A converter with resolutions as high as 10 mV and 1 mA respectively. The digitized system enables you to input all data via computer keyboard. The protections against over voltage and current are completely regulated by the software producing a safe and reliable instrument.




  • Fully programmable control, data storage, data recall, and built in USB interface
  • 4 separate LED displays for voltage and current
  • for both variable outputs
  • High stability with less drift
  • Automatic program execution at preset time
  • Floating outputs
  • Series 0-64 V, 0-3 A operation