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Global Specialties Microprocessor Trainer Model DL030


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A highly rated, 137 page Lab Manual written by a major U.S. university Professor is included with this trainer. Altera Cyclone ® III ® FPGA based, this unit is capable of integrating seamlessly into both Quartus ® II FPGA design framework and Nios ® II GNU based development environment. While it is advanced enough to design and prototype complex embedded systems, students are able to create and implement designs in as little as one hour.

  • Sleek design, with durable case for portability
  • Well written 137 page Student Trainer Lab Manual with experiments
  • Altera Cyclone ® III EP3C16F256C8N FPGA• USB interface cable, software CD, sturdy jumpers for breadboard
  • 270 tie point breadboard, 3 push button switches, 16 use
  • LEDs, 3 seven-segment displays, 8 pin I/O header, 16 toggle switches requires XP or higher, 10 Gb for installation and 4 Gb to run post installation