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1320: Triple Output High Resolution DC Power Supply: 0-32V, 0-3A (2) & 5V, 3A

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The 1320 can provide continual output power of 200 VA through its 3 output supplies. It features constant current or constant voltage modes with automatic crossover. With resolutions of 10 mV and 1 mA respectively, you can rely on the superior performance of the 1320. There is protection against over voltage and current producing a safe and reliable instrument.




  • Connect in Parallel, Series, or Independent modes for greater output
  • Connect multiple units for greater output
  • Separate 4-digit displays for voltage and current on variable outputs
  • Three independent outputs
  • Individual control of voltage and current for variable outputs
  • CV (constant voltage) / CC (constant current) mode operation with automatic crossover
  • LED indication for CV / CC mode
  • Overload indication LED for fixed output
  • Power On/Off switch on front panel
  • Input voltage selection on rear side (120 VAC/ 240 VAC)