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Global Specialties Solar Blinking Light Kit

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This is a blinking light circuit power by the energy of the sun.

Utilizing a solar panel to convert the suns energy two LEDs will alternatively blink and the blinking speed may be adjusted.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Source: Solar panel
  • Solar panel: 4 VDC, 60 mA
  • Adjust flashing speed with potentiometer
  • PCB dimensions: 1.39 x 1.27 inches

Operating Principles:

  • TR1 and TR2 form a multi vibration frequency circuit when assembled and work in conjunction with LED1 and LED2 to alternatively turn the LEDs on and off.
  • When TR1 is powered, LED1 will light and LED2 is off.
  • When TR2 is powered, LED2 will light and LED 1 is off.
  • The blinking speed is controlled through VR10K, R2, R3, C1 and C2. R1 and R4 act to reduce voltage to the LED.