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Global Specialties Voice Control Switch Kit

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Classified as a remote controlled circuit this product uses an audio signal (clap on) to activate the on/off function of the switch.

A sensitivity/volume controlled microphone picks up audio signal activating a relay generating an electrical signal to the switch.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Source: 12 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 50 mA max.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: potentiometer
  • Maximum Load: 10 A, 125 VAC or 5 A, 220 VAC
  • PCB Dimensions: 2.92 x 1.49 inches

Operating Principles:

  • This circuit utilizes a sensitivity microphone to obtain an audio signal and a flip-flop circuit to turn the switch to the on and off position.
  • The audio signal enters from the microphone to transistor 1 through capacitor 2 entering variable resistor 1 allowing sensitivity adjustments.
  • The collector of transistor 2 is connected through capacitor 3 and 4 creating a flip-flop sector comprising of transistor 3 and 4 both taking turn functioning to the signal transmitted by the microphone.
  • The transmittal of an audio signal through transistor 1 and 2 causes the collector of transistor 2 to be amplified creating a momentary low voltage while current at the base of transistor 4 is drawn through diode 2 and capacitor 4 to ground at collector transistor 2 making transistor 4 stop inducing current.
  • The higher voltage will cause transistor 3 to draw current through the base of transistor 4 and ground causing transistor 3 to work in place of transistor 4.
  • At this point the relay will release the contact face so the LED will be turned off.
  • Transistor 4 will be inactive until an audio signal is present to cause transistor 3 to stop induction and then transistor 4 will start functioning.