30 MHZ Dual Channel Advanced Personal Scope


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The Advanced Personal Scope comes complete with two sets of probes, software CD, cable to connect to PC and battery pack. A fast charge is possible, and you may use the scope during charging.

  • 2- input channels. 30MHz bandwidth. 240MS/s per channel sampling step markers. 8 bit vertical resolution. 30uV min sensitivity
  • 1mV - 20V/div volts per div. 25ns - 1hr/div time base
  •  AC/DC input coupling. RS232 communication w/ PC
  • Dimensions: 9.1" x 5.9" x 2". 30oz.
  • Battery pack included. Fast charge possible
  • High contrast LCD with white backlight
  • Full auto set-up for volt/div and time/div
  • Recorder roll mode up to 170h per screen, trigger mode (run, normal, once, roll), adjustable trigger level and slope
  • Peak measurements: max, min, peak to peak
  • Measurements: ms, dB(rel), dBV, dBm, dBG. Direct audio power measurements
  • Complete with probes, software, cable, battery pack