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1 MHZ Handheld DMM/Scope With True RMS, Autoranging

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Versatile, combination unit, featuring a 1 MHz hand-held oscilloscope plus a wide range of both standard and special DMM functions. Unit comes complete with rubber holster and stand, NiCad battery and charger/adaptor, test leads and 38 page manual.


1 MHz Glitch Capture (25 ms/s) continuous autoset, real time display, cursor measurements, flexible triggering, roll mode, optional RS-232 output.


-- Voltage - 1,000VDC, 5 Ranges; 750VAC, 4 Ranges, True RMS

-- Current - 10A AC/DC, 6 Ranges

-- Resistance - 40M, 6 Ranges

-- Capacitance - 400uF, 6 Ranges

-- Frequency - 2 MHz, 5 Ranges

-- Diode test, continuity buzzer, component test, logic test, REL function, peak hold, minmax record, compare mode, trend, joystick function selector, auto-ranging, built-in true RMS, 4,000 count display, back light, on board help text switch.