BASIC Stamp Homework Boards 10 Pak

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The BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board is ideal for learning circuits, electronics, and microcontroller programming. The solderless breadboard makes it easy to connect 5 V compatible sensors, displays, LEDs, and other electronic components to create your own inventions.Program in PBASIC, which is very easy to read and learn. It is an ideal "first-time" programming language, with many built-in commands that simplify interfacing to other devices. To get started, just download the free BASIC Stamp Editor software, and click the "Getting Started with Stamps in Class" link in the Help file.The HomeWork Board is featured in our "What's a Microcontroller?" text (a free download) and BASIC Stamp Activity Kit. The 10-pack makes it affordable to outfit a group with these convenient development boards.

Key Features:
  • Surface-mount BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller
  • Onboard reset button and program activity LED
  • Solderless breadboard for building circuits
  • I/O pin, power and ground headers brought alongside breadboard
  • Built-in 220 ? series resistors help protect the BASIC Stamp I/O pins from mis-wiring
  • 500 mA voltage regulator for projects
  • Female DB-9 socket connects to your computer's serial port or to our USB-to-Serial Adapter
  • Battery clip for 9 V alkaline or rechargeable battery