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Printed Circuit Board Development System


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Contains essential items to create printed circuit boards. This special package of prototyping tools, instructions and supplies offers substantial savings when compared to buying each of these items individually. This system is perfect for an instructor setting up a lab for students to create their own printed circuit boards. It is also ideal for prototype designers and anyone needing to produce boards quickly. The system is based on creating circuit boards using PRESS-N-PEEL transfer film, and includes a high quality HIX heat transfer press along with other items listed below. Laser printer and some form of circuit design software are needed to use this system.

The following are included:

• 20 sheet Pro Pack of PRESS-N-PEEL (blue), and 20 sheet Pro Pack of

• PRESS-N-PEEL with instructions

• High quality HIX 9"x 12" heat transfer machine

• PC board etching tank, lid, pump, hose, board holder and gloves

• 4 litre (1 gal.) liquid ferric chloride etching solution

• 10 pieces of 3" x 4" single sided copper clad

• 10 pieces of 5" x 6" single sided copper clad

• 10 pieces of direct etch resist pens for touch ups prior to etching

• One silver conductive pen in case any final repairs are necessary after etching