Vertex Delta 3D Printer

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The Velleman K8800: Vertex Delta 3D Printer is the newest addition to the Vertex 3D Printer family. Unlike our line of Cartesian printers such as the K8200, K8400 and the K8600, the K8800 uses the delta printing style. This means the extruder is suspended by three arms in a triangular shape above the print bed. Delta printers like the K8800 are built for speed and have static print beds for higher quality prints. Printing filament is placed on the top of the Delta to provide easy access and isolated storage at the same time.The Vertex Delta uses 1.75 mm filament and can print with PLA, ABS, TPU and more. With print speeds up to 75 mm/s and a layer resolution of 0.1 mm, the K8800 is our fastest, most accurate 3D printer yet. The removable BuildTak bed plate surface allows for easy removal of prints. The K8800 comes as a hybrid kit, meaning the base, printhead and extruder are pre-assembled. Full assembly can be completed in as little as 2 - 5 hours.




    The Vertex Delta has a direct drive extruder which reduces the distance filament needs to travel before extruding. The extruder feeds and extracts 1.75 mm filament and accepts most print filament types. A built-in filament runout detector automatically pauses the print and allows you to reload filament without damaging the current print job. Use the change filament function to swap out different colored filament rolls during your print.

  • BASE

    The K8800 base includes an automatic first-time setup calibration, meaning there is no manual calibration needed. The 128 x 64 graphic display includes a blue backlight and automatically recognizes SD cards and adjusts bed compensation.


    Prints cool and set quickly with the Delta's 3 fan printhead. The E3D compatible brass nozzle has a 0.35 mm diameter and can easily pause without leaking filament. The updated safety features protect from overheating and printhead angle using a built-in accelerometer and temperature sensor.


    The print bed is a removable 4 mm tempered glass build plate with a 200 mm diameter. The Vertex Delta has a build height of 225 mm, making printing up to 707 mm3 in print volume possible. With Buildtak's consumable print surface, removing completed prints is easier than ever.


    The arms of the Vertex Delta are comprised of magnets for easy assemble and printhead switching.


    The rigid aluminum extrusion risers and 4 mm aluminum top and bottom plates provide a strong, sturdy frame for the Vertex Delta.