Pmod Shield: Adapter Board for Uno R3 Standard to Pmod

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The Pmod Shield is an adapter board from the Uno R3 style shield headers present on many Digilent system boards to Pmod. It provides the additional circuitry and connectors necessary to allow Digilent Pmods to be plugged directly in without the hassle of messy wires and cables. The Pmod Shield has five 2x6 Digilent Pmod ports and provides access to the I/O available via the shield headers.


  • Five 2x6 Pmod connectors
  • One additional SPI connector
  • One I2C daisy chain connector
  • Compatible with the uC32, WF32, Wi-FIRE, PYNQ, Arty boards
  • Provides access to our full line of peripheral modules (Pmod)
  • Five 2x6-pin Digilent Pmod connectors with GPIO, SPI, UART, and I2C support
  • One additional 6-pin SPI connector
  • One I2C daisy chain connector