Parallax Scribbler S3 Robot 12-Pack Plus for Classrooms

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This is an all-in-one, turn-key solution for elementary and middle schools wishing to start a Blockly-based robotics program with the S3 Robot at a substantial savings. The Scribbler S3 12-pack Plus class pack includes everything needed to guide students through 30 classroom hours of the main tutorials, plus the sensors for the Hacker Port Expansion and Infrared Remote Control Tutorials. These additional parts open up opportunities for navigation with ultrasonic sensors, adding a servo for drawing artwork with an automatic pen-lifter, and remote control. The additional hardware may be used to support scaffolding and differentiation, along with classroom competition!

Our free resources for educators include scope and sequence, standards alignment and teaching guides. Educators may request free access to download assessment materials; send an email to Also included is an onboarding session with one of our educators for the purpose of training or discussing your particular class situation.

The Scribbler Robot is a long-running, successful educational robot due to positive student engagement, class competition, hardware durability and reliability and Parallax educational tutorials.

  • Complete hardware package includes all the parts to run a robotics class, saving costs and time buying parts individually
  • Online BlocklyProp programming is free; accessible from a browser on a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook
  • Wrap-around support included with assessment material, teacher’s guide and standards alignment
  • 24 extra O-ring tires and 6 additional motors included for fleet maintenance (if needed)
Application Ideas:
  • Support a student-driven, inspirational program with the S3 hardware by guiding them through the tutorials;
  • Demonstrate success at the end of each tutorial with a “Robot Friday” competition where the programming skills are put to use; and
  • Meet science standards along the way!
Kit Contents:
  • (12) – Scribbler 3 (S3) Robot
  • (12) – 3 Function Universal Remote
  • (13) – Infrared Receiver
  • (12) – PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • (12) – Parallax Standard Servo
  • (12) – 3-Pin Signal-Power-Ground Cable Extension, 8″
  • (6) – Scribbler S2/S3 Replacement Motor Assembly
  • (24) – S3 O-Ring Replacement Tire
  • (2) – 200 mm Jumper Wires, FF 40-piece Ribbon
  • (3) – Jumper wires, bag of 10
  • (13) – Yellow LED, T 3/4
  • (13) – 220 ohm resistors
  • (13) – 10 k-ohm resistors