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Circuit Powered Logic Probe (TTL & CMOS), Maximum Input Frequency of 20MHz

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The LP611 logic probe is designed for troubleshooting fast logic circuits. It features TTL and CMOS compatibility, switch-selectable pulse detection or pulse memory function, LED indicators for Hi, Low, and Pulse/Memory, minimum pulse width detection of 30 nanoseconds and a maximum input frequency of 20MHz. This unit is circuit powered. Note: This model does not have a beeper.

Electrical Specifications:
  • Maximum input signal frequency: 20MHz
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Operating Supply Range: 4VDC Minimum, 18V DC Maximum
  • TTL Logic "1" (HI LED): >2.3±0.2V DC
  • TTL Logic "0" (LO LED): <0.8V±0.2V DC
  • CMOS Logic "1" (HI LED): >70% Vcc±10%
  • CMOS Logic "0" (LO LED): <30% Vcc±10%
  • Minimum Detectable Pulse width: 30 Nanoseconds
  • Maximum Signal Input Protection: ±220V AC/DC (15 sec)
  • Power Supply Protection: ±20V DC
  • Pulse Indicator Flash Time: 500ms