BK Precision

BK Precision 30 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

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  • 8 x 10 cm CRT. Models 2125C & 2160C equipped with variable scale illumination, and built-in COMPONENT TESTER
  • Model 2121C features built-in 50MHz FREQUENCY COUNTER
  • Dual trace all models for displaying two waveforms simultaneously, selectable single trace if desired. Alternate or chop sweep selectable at all sweep rates
  • 5 mV/div sensitivity full bandwidth. High sensitivity 1mV/div and 2 mV/div using PULL x5 gain control
  • Sweep features: Calibrated time measurements. 23 ranges. X10 sweep magnification for close examination of waveforms
  • Dual time base features Models 2125C & 2160C