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BK Precision LCR Meter Cap to 20,000uF, Inductance 200H, Res 20M

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The rugged 875B LCR is a reliable easy to use workhorse that will measure inductors, resistors and capacitors quickly and accurately. Utilizing special circuitry, the measurement more closely replicates true in circuit measurements. Ten range resistance range measures to 0.001 zero adjust removes leads resistance.




  • Precision measurement of very low resistances
  • Measures D (dissipation factor)
  • Unique drop-proof construction
  • Tilt stand
  • Measures resistance using a test frequency that can cause an inductive reactance
  • Measures capacitance - 0.1pf to 20,000uF with 1% accuracy up to 200uF and 2% after that

  • Measures inductance - 0.1h to 200H; accuracy 2%
  • Measures dissipation factor of caps and "Q" of inductor
  • Measures resistance - 1 milli ohm to 20M ohms
  • 3-1/2 digit LCD
  • Low battery and overload indicator