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Motor Shield: Add-on Board

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The Motor Shield is an expansion board for use with the Uno32 and uC32. It provides additional circuitry and connectors for the Uno32 and uC32 to drive various motors types. It is designed to drive DC motors, servo motors, and stepper motors. It also provides additional I/O via an I2C I/O extender.


  • Usable with the Uno32 or the uC32
  • Two DC motor driver channels, accessible with either a JST 6-pin connector or a terminal block
  • Two DC motor encoder input signals for each DC motor channel
  • Four servo motor channels
  • I2C General purpose I/O expander with four
  • LEDs, two push buttons, and two user settable jumpers
  • One 4-wire unipolar stepper motor channel
  • Standard Shield connectors