AMPROBE Basic DMM with Non-Contact Voltage Tester Model 30XR


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Offers measurement functions needed for maintenance, repair and installation of electrical, HVAC and electro-mechanical equipment. Includes Magne-Grip Holster with magnetic hanging strap freeing both hands. Includes heavy duty test leads with threaded alligator clips, K thermocouple.

  • Manual ranging, 4000 count DMM
  • Capacitance to 4,000uF
  • Frequency to 40 MHz
  • Temperature: 1832 degrees F / 1000 degrees C
  • DC voltage to 1,000V AC voltage to 750V
  • AC/DC current to 10A
  • mV AD/DC, auto-off, analog bar graph display, min/max, relative mode, data and peak hold, low battery indicator.