Oscilloscope Model DS1204B (200MHz)

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The DS 1000B is a great value in 4 channel DSO's. The DS 1000B family provides the performance you need with up to 2 GSa/s, up to 200 MHz bandwidth, 16K of memory, update rates of up to2000 waveforms per second with other features like LXi compatibility, Quick Measure and Quick Print buttons, advanced triggering including logic triggering across all four channels and the external trigger.

  • UP to 200 MHz bandwidth
  • UP to 50 GSa/s equivalent sample rate
  • 2 (A) and 4 (B) channel models
  • Ultra compact design, small dimensions, saving valuable desktop space.
  • 5.7" 64K TFT color LCD, that displays an amazing bright and vivid pictures.
  • Versatile trigger modes: Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternative and Duration.
  • Pass Fail testing
  • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity: Allowing you to have the ability to filter noise from the signal, helping you avoid false triggers.
  • Bandwidth: 200MHz
  • Real time sample rate: 2 GSa/s(half channel*), 1 GSa/s(each channel)
  • Equivalent Sample Rate:50 GSa/s
  • Memory Depth: 16 kpts(half channel), 8 kpts(each channel)
  • Channels: 4 channels + external trigger