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5MHz Function Generator

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•4 function waveform (sine; square; triangle & pulse)

•Linear/log sweep

•Sweep rate from 10ms to 5s

•Amplitude with 20dB attenuator

•Output level from 0.1Vpp to 20Vpp

•Sweep output 10Vpp

•0.200Hz to 60MHz 250 Vrms max. input

•EXT counter trigger level control and input attenuator 26dB

•AC/DC; HF/LF; 100kHz filter switch

•AC/DC; HF/LF; 100kHz filter switch

•Frequency: X0.05 - X3.0

•5 digit red LED autorange counter

•Auto gatetime

•EXT TRIG LED Light - Trig level too high Dark - Trig level too low Flashing - triggering

•This model replaced the GF-8046 and GF-8025

•Output cable BNC to Alligator clips included