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GW Instek Logic Analyzer GLA-1016

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The GLA-1016 is a palm-size PC based logic analyzer with functionality matching that of a desktop device. The maximum 32 channels, 1Mbits of data memory and powerful features of GLA-1000 Series provide digital engineers & professionals with a mean , which can adequately handle today's digital system analysis. All the operations of GLA-1016 are done under the environment of Window TM based PC software, which provides a user-familiar GUI and a large screen display facilitating the complex measurements of digital devices.

With 200MHz internal sampling rate, the timing analysis of GLA-1000 Series conforms even to today's cutting edge digital technology. The 100MHz external sampling rate gives user high confidence in performing table and synchronized state analysis. The maximum 1Mbits of data memory per channel, enhanced by up to x 255 data-loss-less compression, enables longer data acquisition and deeper data analysis. The channel grouping could be done randomly based on the user-defined configuration, which provides flexible channel arrangements for sophisticated digital measurements.


  • 16 Input Channel
  • Time Analysis : Up to 200MHz Internal Sampling Rate
  • State Analysis : Up to 100MHz External Input Clock
  • Memory Depth : Up to 256kbits
  • Advanced Trigger : Count, Page, Time Delay and Clock Event Delay
  • Data Compression : Up to 255 Times Data Capture
  • Enable Qualifier : High/Low Level Enable and Enable Delay Function
  • Signal Analyzer : IC, RS-232C Protocol Analyzer and Signal Statistics
  • File Export : Signal Data, Operation Setting and Display Image
  • Manual Trigger Start Button
  • High-Speed Communication : USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible)
  • USB Powered, Without External AC Power