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GW Instek 32 Channel 200 MHz PC Based Logic Analyzer Model GLA-1132

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The GLA-1000 Series are a palm-size PC based logic analyzer with functionality matching that of a desktop device. The maximum 32 channels, 200MHz internal sampling rate, 1Mbits of data memory and advanced trigger settings give user higher accuracy and longer data analysis results. The unique features including " Data-loss-less compression " , " Enable Qualifier " and " Serial Bus Protocol Analyzer " provide professional users with a tool to adequately handle today's complex digital system analysis. Captured data and configurations of the GLA-1000 Series could be saved into a PC for further data analysis, reporting, and other applications. The USB 2.0 communication between the GLA-1000 Series and PC guarantees secure data transfer at the maximum speed while supplying the GLA-1000 Series with power.



  • 32 Input Channel
  • Time Analysis : Up to 200MHz Internal Sampling Rate
  • State Analysis : Up to 100MHz External Input Clock
  • Memory Depth : Up to 2Mbits/1Mbits (Half/Full Channels)
  • Advanced Trigger : Count, Page, Time Delay and Clock Event Delay
  • Data Compression : Up to 255 Times Data Capture
  • Enable Qualifier : High/Low Level Enable and Enable Delay Function
  • Signal Analyzer : I2C, RS-232C Protocol Analyzer and Signal Statistics
  • File Export : Signal Data, Operation Setting and Display Image
  • Manual Trigger Start Button
  • High-Speed Communication : USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible)
  • USB Powered, Without External AC Power