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DL-010 : Combinational Logic Trainer


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Global Specialties’ DL-010 is first in its series of Embedded Systems Design Trainers. The DL-010 enables students to learn the basics of combinational digital logic, a foundation for microprocessor/microcontroller design. With its included lab manual, it's an ideal classroom solution enabling self-guided student learning. The step-by-step training manual features an overview of digital logic and hands-on labs enhancing any textbook currently in use. Implement more than a dozen standard logic circuits plus many more custom circuits. With the DL-010 we've eliminated the need to discretely wire IC's. This makes the trainer easy-to-use and draws students into the beauty of digital logic and embedded systems design.

  • 72-page lab manual with 11 hands-on labs
  • Interactive downloadable version of the manual available at the iTunes store (search Global Specialties)
  • Breadboard area allows the system to grow as students' knowledge increases
  • All gate elements are pre-mounted, decoupled, debounced, and fully integrated
  • Rugged, lightweight, blow-molded carrying case
  • Complete kit with 9 V wall adapter and 100 machined-pin hookup wires
  • Standard TTL logic
  • Regulated 5 V power (Vcc) and ground (GND) points
  • Commonly referenced truth table chart inside the case lid
  • High quality machined sockets for input and output interconnections
  • Graphically presented gate elements