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Global Specialties PC Based Logic Analyzer Model GS-PCLA32


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Global Specialties Model GS-PCLA-32 is a 32 Channel, fault-free digital PC-Based Logic Analyzer. The logic analyzer has a 250MHz sampling rate, which makes it highly suitable for real-time tracking and capture of targeted signals. The GS-PCLA-32's graphic user interface is easy to use and allows users to instantly, and accurately measure up to 100MHz signals with minimal instruction. Record findings with the accompanying data logger feature. Perfect for education, R&D and hobbyists, and for any application where rapid troubleshooting and signal debugging is required. The GS-PCLA32 comes complete with Analyzer, Software, USB Cable and (2) Signal Capture Cable Assemblies


  • Ideal for signal visualization, analysis and debugging
  • 32 Channels
  • Compact design saves space
  • Data Logger Feature
  • Comes with Analyzer, Software and Cabling
  • 100-250MHz Sampling Rate
  • Graphic User Interface
  • 1-year warranty