Owon Handheld Oscilloscope 20 MHz; Single Channel

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This is a handheld electrical test device that combines a 20MHz, handheld digital oscilloscope for viewing electrical signals with a manual and auto-ranging digital multimeter for measuring AC & DC current to 10 amp, resistance to 40 MO, and capacitance to 100uF. The oscilloscope has a maximum real-time sample rate of 100 MS/s and a record length of 6,000 points per channel for acquiring detailed waveforms. Its four math functions- add, subtract, multiply and divide- Plus FFT (fast Fourier transform) & 20 automatic measurements such as period frequency, and peak-to-peak enable an in-depth analysis of waveforms. Up to four waveforms can be stored in the internal memory. The multimeter has two ranging modes: manual, which allows the user to select the operating range, and auto, which automatically selects the appropriate operating range. The delta relative function allows a measurement to be set as a reference value and displays subsequent measurements as a positive or negative deviation from that value, and the data-hold function freezes a reading on the display to aid documentation. A continuity buzzer confirms that the circuit conducts electricity and a diode check detects whether a circuit's diodes are working properly. Additional specifications include a rise time of 17.5 ns and various triggering features. The unit has a 3.5" color TFT (thin film transistor)

Maximum real-time sampling rate 100 Ms/s & 6,000 points record length per channel