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Designed By electronics enthusiasts For electronics enthusiasts! Powerful, compact and USB connectivity, this sums up the features of this oscilloscope.The large keyboard and bright LCD makes this unit a breeze to use, combine this with great specifications and you wonder how you ever managed without it!

• 40MHz sampling rate

• 12MHz analog bandwidth

• 0.1mV sensitivity

• 5mV to 20V/div in 12 steps

• 50ns to 1hour/div time base in 34 steps

• Ultra fast full auto set up option

• adjustable trigger level

• X and Y position signal shift

• DVM readout

• audio power calculation (rms and peak) in 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32 ohm

• dBm, dBV, DC, rms ...measurements

• signal markers for Volt and Time

• frequency readout (through markers)

• recorder function (roll mode)

• signal storage (2 memories)

• high resolution LCD 192x112 pixels

• LCD backlight

• galvanically separated USB output for PC

• data or bitmap download to PC

• different screen modes

normal screen view

wide screen with DVM

normal screen with large DVM

wide screen with large DVM

• USB PC Connection real-time and screen captureincludes:

worldwide charging adaptor

insulated measurement probe x1 / x10: PROBE60S

USB cable

Handheld Personal Scope