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Global Specialties Model 1420 Variable AC Power Supply 0-150 VAC, 0-3 Amp

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  • Output voltage continuously variable from 0 to 150VAC.
  • Heavy duty unit handles virtually all servicing needs. Output current up to 3 amps continuous, 4 amps intermittent.
  • Built in multi-function meter. 0-150V. Two current ranges of 0-2A and 0-4A for improved resolution. Current scales also calibrated in VA at 120V.
  • Built-in isolation transformer for safe servicing of hot chassis equipment. Two isolated outlets on Model 1420.
  • 3-1/4 inch meter. Multi-color scales. Overrange protection.
  • OSHA, UL, and CSA power line leakage test capability; fast and safe measurement.
  • 0-5mA (0-5000µA) leakage scale is expanded in most commonly used 100-500µA portion, compressed to 5 mA full scale. Overload protected.
  • Isolated output protected by easily reset circuit breaker.
  • Built-in solid state soldering iron temperature control.
  • 3 A continuous, 4 A intermittent output
  • Built-in soldering iron temperature control
  • Expanded leakage scale
  • Circuit breaker overload protection
  • Displays V, A, VA, leakage