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Instek Programmable Switching Power Supply, with GPIB, 0-32V, 0-3A

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PST Series models features large, 192 x 128 LCD window display with variable display mode. Displays several settings and measurement results at the same time. Intelligent Window Operating Interface simultaneously monitors readback value while setting channel voltage, current, OVP and OCP with window setting display. Also provides auto series and parallel function, and supports several direct buttons. All PST Models include RS232 Interface.

  • Both PSS and PST Series include: over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection, Lab View driver, intelligent fan control (changes by output power), built-in buzzer alarm, 100 memory settings, and IEEE 488.2 and SCPI compatible command set compatibility. Optional GPIB interface.
  • High stability, low drift performance.
  • Direct support buttons for fast switching to all settings.
  • Optional GPIB Interface.
  • RS232 Interface standard on all models (exceptions: PSS3203GP and PSS2005GP)GPIB units special order
  • Voltage: 0-32V x 1
  • Current: 0-3A x 1
  • OVP: 0-33V x 1