Siglent SDS1104CFL 100MHz 4 Channels+ 1 EXT Trigger 2GSa/s 24Kpts Digital Storage Oscilloscope


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? Memory depth of SDS1000CFL is 24Kpts
? Use Colored TFT LCD, the waveform display is clearer and stable
? Screen saver function: 1 minute to 5 hours
? 2/4 channel-channel bandwidth: 70MHZ-300MHZ
? The real time sampling rate is 2GSa/s
? Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative trigger modes
? Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function
? Pass/Fail function
? Thirty two parameters Auto measure function
? Cursor measure covers Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode
? Channel waveform and it's FFT waveform display on split screen
? Pop-up Menu display pattern is more convenient for users using it
? Multiple Language User Interface
? Support Multilingual online help system