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AC-Electric Powered Wire Wrap Tool Standard Type 220V 50Hz

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The 48 and 220 Volt 6000 series electric wire wrapping and unwrapping tools have been designed for production and field service applications where wire sizes from 18 to 32 AWG are used. The lightweight Lexan housing and the design of the handle greatly reduce the problems normally experienced in repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. All our tools have a geared drive, a positive indexing mechanism, and a quality electric motor which requires no maintenance. The 6000 series comes with a light-pull trigger, a high speed motor (4000 rpm), and a standard 20 foot power cord for optimum usage range from an electrical outlet.

For the inexperienced operator, we offer an anti-backforce (ABF) version of the tool. The ABF version is designed for the bit to retract inside the sleeve when the operator pulls the trigger, causing a symmetrical wrap to be achieved on the post. The ABF tools are mostly used for training and for the customers who uses the tool so infrequently that they to not remember the technique. All the electric wire wrapping tools manufactured in our US plant.

  • Fast Operation
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Lightweight Lexan Housing
  • Unique Positive Indexing Mechanism
  • Standard 20 Foot Power Cord