Tripp Lite PowerVerter 700W Ultra-Compact Inverter with 3 Outlets

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Utilize your vehicle's battery to efficiently power appliances, small electronics and office equipment on the road. Continuously supplies up to 700W of 120V AC power to 3 AC outlets from any 12V battery. Featuring an ultra-compact, lightweight design with metal housing, the PV700HF is the most rugged inverter available.

NOTE: To protect against high current draw that may occur during inverter failure, a fuse link rated at 125a should be positioned no more than 18" from the PV700HF's battery in the positive line.

Key Features

  • Provides 120V AC power for a variety of mobile applications
  • 700W continuous output power; 1400W peak output power (instantaneous)
  • 3 AC outlets
  • Ultra-compact extruded aluminum housing stands up to the toughest environments
  • Cooling fan lengthens inverter service life & maintains cool operation
  • Integrated mounting feet assure safe fixed installation
  • Low battery alarm/shutdown detects low battery voltage and shuts down inverter
  • Overload alarm/shutdown detects wattage overload on inverter outlets and shuts down inverter as a protective measure
  • DC input terminals provide a solid connection to battery with user-supplied cables
  • Lighted on/off switch shows inverter operations in cramped or dark environments
  • Grooved surface for more efficient cooling

Ideal for powering laptops, televisions, video game systems, stereos, fans, battery chargers and other small, portable electronics

NOTE: Your load should not exceed your inverter's maximum continuous output power of 700 watts. To determine your total load, add the wattage ratings of all equipment you will connect to your inverter. Wattage ratings are usually listed in equipment manuals or on nameplates. If your equipment is rated in amps, multiply that number times AC utility voltage to estimate watts. (Example: a drill requires 2.5 amps, 120 volts = 300 watts.)

Package Includes:

  • PV700HF Ultra-Compact DC-to-AC Inverter
  • Instruction manual with warranty information

1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty