Weller Hot Air Rework System Model WHA3000PS

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  • Contains WHA3000P 700 Watt hot air station, WBH 3000S circuit board holder with pivoting stand, WHP3000 heating plate.
  • WHA3000P: Hot air station (700W) with patented Weller nozzle technology for max. process control and user friendly operation. The powerful variable speed controlled turbine generates an air volume of up to 50 liters/min.
  • WHB3000S: Circuit board holder with a pivoting stand for hot air pencil (HAP3000). Circuit boards up to 310mm x 320mm can be accommodated.
  • WHP3000: The IR heating plate has a total heated air of 120mm x 190mm with 3 ceramic elements. The plate is used to preheat the circuit board under repair, to reduce the possibility of thermal damage.
  • List of Nozzles Available for WHA3000P (pdf 81kb)