Weller Soldering Station Model WLC 100

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Station, Weller® WLC100 Hobby and Electronic Soldering, 40W,120V

Analog Station: Capable of producing temperatures up to 900°F to handle many soldering projects. The station includes a Weller certified ST3 iron-plated copper tip to help keep the temperature consistent while making soldering joints.

Easy-to-Adjust Variable Power Controls: The WLC100 features a variable power control that lets you accurately adjust the power level from 5 watts to 40 watts with a simple turn of the knob. This allows you to choose the precise setting for each unique job that you tackle, confirming proper power for the application

Durable Pencil Iron: Lightweight pencil iron features a cushioned foam grip-handle, ensuring you can work comfortably.

ST Solder Tip Compatibility: Weller ST tips are constructed of solid copper and are plated with iron as well as nickel and chromium to protect against corrosion and solder creep, helping to ensure that your tools perform reliably over time.

WLC Variable Power Control Soldering Station: The WL100 includes: one variable control soldering station with built-in safety stand and cleaning sponge (WLC 100), one soldering pencil (SPG40), and one ST soldering tip (ST3). The WLC100 is acceptable for use on audio equipment, crafts, hobby models, jewelry, small appliances, and home electronics.


Key Features

  • Weller® WLC100 Hobby and Electronic Soldering Station, 40W,120V
  • Complete Soldering Station and Quality Pencil Soldering Iron: This station comes complete with every accessory needed for a hobbyist’s mid-sized soldering needs; the Weller SP40 lightweight pencil iron, a replaceable .125” screwdriver tip, an iron holder, and a cleaning sponge.
  • Adjustable Temperature Range: The 5 Watt to 40 Watt range of adjustable temperature heats the iron up to 900°F quickly and recovers that heat again after use, speeding up your workflow and making the long wait for a heating iron a thing of the past.
  • Reliable Screwdriver Tip and Replacement Tip Compatibility: The .125” Screwdriver tip that comes with this set is designed for hobby applications and can be easily replaced. All Weller soldering tips are made from a copper core with iron, nickel, and chromium plating to protect against corrosion.
  • Performs a Range of Jobs: This station’s variable temperature can be set as low or high as the job requires, letting you solder a wide range of applications including home electronics, jewelry, and hobby models.
  • For optimal performance use only Weller certified replacement tips: ST1, ST2, TST3, TST4, ST5, TST5, ST7, AND TST8
  • UL-Listed: Tested and meets independent safety standards

Technical Data


Weight in g



120 V

Tip range



5 W - 40 W

Temperature range (depends on tool) °F


Temperature range (depends on tool) °C


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