Chipquik Solder-Desolder Rework Kit Model SMD 2000

SKU: 0608SMD2000

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  • Safely Remove Surface Mount Devices Using Low Heat
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Simply apply flux to all leads of the SMD. With a soldering iron or warm air bath melt the special desoldering alloy on all of the leads.
  • The combination of existing solder plus the special alloy melts at less than 200 degrees F and remains molten long enough for removal of SMD using tweezers or pickup tool.
  • Clean off pads using flux and a swab, then install new device.
  • Each kit provides enough product to remove between 8-10 SMDs (approximately 1250-1500 leads).
  • Kit includes: low temperature (136 degrees F) desoldering alloy, a syringe with RMA flux, and alcohol pads.
  • Special desoldering alloy and flux also available in industrial production sizes.