PanaVise Flat Ribbon Cable Cutter, Cuts upto 3.2" Wide, 14 Guage Thick Cables

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The PanaVise 507 flat ribbon cable cutter is an accessory that is designed to cleanly and accurately cut flat ribbon cable when used with the PanaVise 502 PanaPress and the PanaVise 506 IDC retrofit kit (both required for use and sold separately), saving time and resources important in industry sectors, including computer networking, telephony,and electronics. To make cable cuts, the 506 IDC retrofit kit is mounted to the PanaVise 502 PanaPress, and the 507 flat ribbon cable cutter is placed in the central opening. The cable is aligned directly under the ram adapter of the 506 IDC retrofit kit, which evenly distributes the downward pressure of the PanaPress ram element onto the spring-loaded blade arm of the cable cutter, resulting in perfect right angle cuts every time. The PanaVise 507 accommodates up to 68-pin conductor cable, and ribbon cable up to 3.21875" (81.8 mm) wide and up to 14-gauge thick, is more efficient than hand tools, and will not pull inner wires. Replacements blades for the unit are available for additional purchase.

Perfect right angle cuts, every time!

  • Accommodates up to 68-pin conductor cable
  • More efficient than hand scissors; won't pull inner wires
  • Easy to use and operate, slips into the 502 PanaPress with the 506 Retrofit Kit
  • Spring-loaded blade arm returns quickly to original position
  • Accommodates ribbon cable up to 3.218" (81.8mm) wide and up to 14-gauge thick