150mA Solar Battery Charger, Charges AA or AAA Batteries, Devices, Radios, Toys

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Note: Rechargeable batteries are not included. The charging circuit is designed to charge 4 batteries in a series (4.8v). Do not attempt to charge only 1 to 3 batteries at a time - you MUST have 4 rechargeable batteries (same brand and size) in the battery compartment for charging.

This folding solar panel battery charger is convenient for charging AA or AAA batteries, along with small devices such as radios, cassette players, portable videogame systems, and more. It charges four AA or AAA batteries simultaneously (same brand and size).

For charging devices directly, a multi-plug adapter is included and has the following tips:

  • 3.5mm Barrel Jack with 1.3mm inner diameter
  • 5.5mm Barrel Jack with 2.1mm inner diameter
  • 5.5mm Barrel Jack with 2.5mm inner diameter
  • 2.5mm mono
  • 3.5mm mono

A belt clip is included for easy carrying, and it doubles as a stand that you can use to angle the solar panel for maximum sunlight. An illustrated instruction manual is included and details the processes of charging batteries and devices.

Solar panel holder measures 6.40"x3.25"x0.62" when folded shut and 6.40"x6.3"x0.55" when fully opened.

Battery holder measures 6"x3.3"x3.30"x0.88".

Fast charging as per the following time table:

 Battery Size Battery Capacity # of Batteries Charging Time

500mA 4 3.5 hours
AAA 180mA  4 1 hour