NV5 High-Performance Infrared Motion Detector

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  • Average time to install: 5 - 10 minutes
  • Optional wall/ceiling mount bracket
  • Panel compatibility: EVO, Spectra, Magellan, 3rd party
  • Catch performance
  • Even detection, no dead zones within the protected range
  • Response to movements - slow and fast
  • False alarm immunity Paradox technology, Auto Pulse Signal Processing (APSP) and Dual/ Single Edge Processing enables flexibility in setting detection response time compared to false alarm immunity
  • Digital temperature compensation, same catch capability at specified operating temperatures
  • RF immunity
  • 5 levels of sensitivity, choose level according to the needs of the protected area
  • Pet resistant
  • Adjustable creep zone mirror add-on provides enhanced creep zone sensitivity and is recommended for best product performance