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Use Global Specialties ARX-BOOK ASURO Book Volume 1 as a textbook with your students. This book is a place of discovery for anyone wishing to learn more on the topic of robotics. Chapters 1 gives detailed specifications and explanations of the ASURO's motor, gearbox, and odometry systems. Chapter 2 describes the fundamentals of electronics and mechanics. Details for components (resistors, diodes, transistors and IC's) as well as the basics for electronic designs and an introduction to sequential data transfer will be found. Detailed information is given on the ASURO's different sensors and LEDs. C Also included here is the design for making your own Ultrasonic Distance Measurement System. This book is a useful add-on to the ASURO manual and a compendium with answers to the problems found in assembling the ASURO. It is aimed at the novice who may feel uncomfortable using basic electronics, while serving as a guide to the fascinating world of mechatronics.

  • 110 Pages
  • Includes free Experiment PCB
  • Great for use with Students in Classroom as lab manual