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Global Specialties Moisture Resistance Indicator Kit

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This checker utilizes resistance to measure dissolved solids in water.

The more resistance, the less conductive the water; as resistance levels lessens the materials that conduct electricity are elevated.

Results are displayed by a series of (8) LED�s.Technical Specifications:

•Power source: 9 VDC

•LED resistance level indicators: 7

•LED on/off indicator: 1

•Level adjustment: 3 levels

•PCB dimensions: 2.78 x 1.79 in.

Operating Principles:

The more resistance in water the less dissolved solids, such as minerals, are present.

Conversely, as resistance decreases the level of conductive material in the water increases.

A series of (green, yellow, and red) LED�s indicate the level of resistance (Green � higher through Red � lowest) the more LED�s lit the less resistance.

There are 3 switchable levels.