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Fiber Optic Lab Manual Answer Guide


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The Lab Manual is a 68-page guide that contains nine fascinating fiber optics experiments. Lab Manual is now in its 5th edition, which has full-color illustrations throughout. With the Lab Manual, instructors can avoid having to create their own fiber optics or opto-electronics experiments and thus spend more time with their students.

Do-it-yourself experimenters will learn valuable practical experience about fiber optics. Each of the nine experiments contains activities that use state-of-the-art opto-electronic components. Along with learning about unique fiber optics procedures, these activities later can be used in dealing with practical, real-world situations. Experiments begin with basic physics and progress toward solutions for design and circuit problems.

Experiments include:

  • Making a light guide
  • Fiber optic cable transmission
  • Characteristics of connectors and splices
  • Index-matching procedures
  • Speed of opto-electronic devices
  • Fiber optic transmitter
  • Receiver design
  • Fiber termination techniques