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WBS Laser Communications Package

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The WBS Laser is the ultimate educational laser and will be the last laser you'll need to purchase. Why? Because of its dual analog and digital input design and its very wide electrical modulation bandwidth. The analog input accommodates as low as 100 Hz for laser audio communication experiments to as high as 70 megahertz for simultaneous transmission of color video picture and sound. The digital input accepts all standard +5 logic levels for digital communications experiments. With such fantastic versatility, this one laser can perform all of the following dynamic optical communication demonstrations:

  • Voice communication
  • AM/FM radio transmission
  • Video from camcorder
  • RF video from VCR
  • Digital line-of-sight computer links

In addition, this laser can be used to conduct regular laser, optics and fiber optic experiments such as:

  • Refraction and reflection
  • Light shows
  • Tyndall's light-guiding-in-water experiments
  • Scattering of light
  • Critical angle determination in materials
  • Convergence and divergence of lenses
  • Polarization of light
  • Measurement of Brewster's angle
  • Perimeter security using laser beams
  • Semiconductor lasing element and all solid-state electronic design for a long dependable life
  • Bright 635 nanometer laser light output
  • Standard RCA-type input jacks
  • Electrical overdrive protection on all inputs
  • High visibility, fool-proof mechanical beam stop
  • Bright laser pilot light
  • Tamper-resistant screws for safety
  • Impact-resistant, see-through, two-tone acrylic case
  • Threaded mount for holding lenses, filters and diffraction gratings
  • Rubber feet on chassis bottom for adhesion on smooth surfaces
  • Labeling and safety requirements compliant with US CDRH regulations
  • Operator's manual with safety information and common experiments
  • 110- and 220-VAC electrical power options