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OWI Flapping Seagull


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OWI�s Flapping Sea Gull mini solar kit will provide an adventure marked by growth in self-confidence and self-esteem. As the builder embarks on creating a kit that looks similar to a sea gull, one will sense a minute by minute attitude change.

What first started out to be a box full of parts with a set of instructions has turned out to be a life like creation of a three dimensional wing flapping masterpiece. The Flapping Sea Gull loves the smell of the ocean breeze, but will require the warmth of the sun in order to flap it wings.

It�s just another of OWI�s way to teach alternative energy principles. The suction cup will allow you to secure your new friend in direct sunlight and watch it be your weather indicator. Sea Gull poop clean up not required.

No batteries and tools required and only 12 plastic parts to assemble.

Age: 10+


Solar Panel Output: 1.1V x 75mA

Motor: DC

Power Consumption: 1.2V x 10mA